How to Nuno Felt a Silk Scarf

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how to nuno felt a silk scarf

Want to know how to nuno felt a silk scarf? Read on…   Here we are, my friend Carrie and I at “Saviour of the Lost Arts” about to begin our Nuno Felting scarf workshop.   Our teacher was Julie of The Mountain Spinnery.  Julie is about to start teaching classes in Woolloongabba.  Visit her website for details. Why not make…

Cute Christmas Nail Art Ideas

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cute christmas nail art ideas

OMG! Easy and fun cute Christmas nail art ideas for Christmas Day. I love a bit of quirky. (‘Quirky chick’ is even on my business card!) And I do believe I’ve never really grown up. I still love my Japanese cutesy stationery as much as I did during my teenage years, I’m completely enamoured by a rainbow or a sweet…

How to make a simple brooch using felt circles and embroidery

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autumn felt circles brooch complete 7

Sometimes, the simplest thing can be a winner. This brooch is made from four circles cut from felt using pinking shears and is embellished with just a touch of embroidery. Children can make them too. What a fun holiday craft to do on a rainy or overcast day. 1.  Draw four circles of slightly varied sizes onto sheets of tracing…

DIY Satin Flower Brooch or Hair Pin tutorial by Dionne Coburn

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A week ago, my friends and I celebrated another Crafternoon. This time, it was Dionne’s first time to host. She led us on a journey to make Satin Flower Brooches or Hair Pins. Here is the DIY tutorial, just for YOU! Satin Flower Brooch or Hair Pin Tutorial Firstly, you need to cut out some circles in all different sizes…

Easter Rabbit Hair Clip for Girls

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Are you thinking about making something to go into your little girl’s Easter basket? Why not make one of these- an Easter Rabbit inspired hair clip set. You’ll need a hair clip like this, two pieces of felt cut in a rounded triangle shape slightly bigger than the hairclip, and pieces of felt cut in your design. Firstly, use straight…

Wool wrapped bangle bracelets: a how-to tutorial

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Funky big bangle love. When I get dressed every morning, I make sure to throw on one great accessory.  Big chunky bangles are one of my favourite things, and never more so than when I’ve been the one to make it.  Crafty style fun.  This wool wrapped bangle takes about 15 minutes to make, then throw it on and head…

Felt-covered bangle: A how-to tutorial

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Saturday Style. I’m never going to be the kind of girl who buys all her jewellery from Diva or Sportsgirl. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just that I’ve always been a left-of-centre kind of girl interested in making my own stuff.  Why not jewellery too? I’m a BIG fan of the chunky bangle and cuff.  That one…

Poinsettia Flower brooch: A how-to tutorial

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Poinsettia bushes, a native Mexican shrub, are popular as an indoor house plant at Christmas and no wonder!  Their flowers are just splendid, don’t you think? So christmassy and gloriously coloured and regal. I love them. So, I set out to make a poinsettia brooch I can wear on Christmas day, or any day in fact. You might like one…

How to make a button bracelet

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About a year ago, my mum was loving button bracelets and wanted to buy one.  Don’t do that, I said. I’ll make you one. I bought both the pink and green buttons she liked, and some fine crochet wire… and the lot has stood on my shelf since then. Last week, I finally made it.  Would you like to make…

Make a Felt ball necklace activity for children

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How about felt ball necklace making? A whole lot of felt balls (preprepared by the children or pre bought) were on display in sorted dishes. And by the side of the table sat a basket of seedpods, predrilled with a small hole in the centre. (Some lucky dad must have had this job!) The children chose 5 felt balls in…

How to personalise your own socks with rainbow colours

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You will need some fabric markers or crayons. The Pentel Fabric Fun crayons were great. You can use a pencil sharpener to transform the blunt sticks into points for writing too. (Don’t bother with the crayola brand- they are rubbish on socks. Actually, rubbish-full stop. These are the first crayola product I wouldn’t buy again) And a blank pair of…

How to make oven bake clay jewelry like brooches, badges and medallions

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How to make oven bake clay jewelry like these brooches In most craft shops, it is possible to find something called Sculpty Clay, or Fimo.  (I remember Fimo from when I was a child.  My mum loved to wear big chunky necklaces made from this stuff!) It comes in all the colours of the rainbow, and when your creation is…