Outdoor Playground Ideas: gardening, wildlife, sandpit, and water activities

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outdoor playground ideas

And a few more outdoor playground ideas… Again, with big big thanks to Fiona Jarvis, of Playgroup ACT, for her inspiration and ideas.     Gardening- *provide tools such as shovels, rakes, watering cans and hand diggers. You can buy these pretty cheaply from most large hardware shops (for $5- $10 a piece) and they make GREAT Christmas presents!  Stuck…

Holiday Activity Fun: Rubber duck scooping

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Ned played this game at a fete we went to recently. Children were given a big scooping net with a long handle and invited to scoop up a rubber duck. Each duck had a number written on the underside and the number determined the prize you won. I love prizes and so do children, but sometimes the prizes children receive at…

Toy Car Wash: A fun outdoor activity for children

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Friday’s Guest: Bernadine Murray of “Pretend and Move“ Workshop Wednesdays – At the Car Wash With such lovely weather around at the moment it is easier for us mums to venture outside, it is also easier to set up some outdoor activities.  Kids love playing with water so why not create a carwash outside. You can use tubs filled with…

Water play fun by Belinda Connelly

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An article by Belinda Connelly, of Fairy Thread . Water is amazing stuff! We humans are made up of mostly water (at least 70%). I recently heard water referred to as ‘nature’s solution dillution’. I love that as I know water benefits our bodies so much! Personally, if I forget to drink enough water during the day I find myself feeling lethargic, unable to think clearly and…