How to Nuno Felt a Silk Scarf

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how to nuno felt a silk scarf

Want to know how to nuno felt a silk scarf? Read on…   Here we are, my friend Carrie and I at “Saviour of the Lost Arts” about to begin our Nuno Felting scarf workshop.   Our teacher was Julie of The Mountain Spinnery.  Julie is about to start teaching classes in Woolloongabba.  Visit her website for details. Why not make…

20. Positive discipline tool: Use the energy

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positive discipline

30 DAYS of AWESOME PARENTING  (read about the adventure here) Tip 20: Positive discipline tool- Use the energy   If there is one thing I’m not a fan of in normal school, preschool and kindergarten settings, it is the idea that disciplining children should involve a ‘time out’.  I’m not quite sure how ‘disciplining’ a child in this way actually teaches…

Developmental Guides for Young Children

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Years ago, I read a book that I can no longer remember the title of.  I remember and put into practice one thing from this book. It was called the 5 Point Review or something similar. (If anyone knows the original source and name of this book, please let me know) Basically, at the end of each week, you ask…

Transforming gun play, Part Two.

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A few days ago, I wrote an article about the idea of ‘transforming’ gun (and sword) play. Interestingly, someone found the idea that I would want to change a child’s gun play (and therefore, something that arises from their true nature) into something else, a little bit offensive. (This was interesting to hear, not least because in my examples of…