How to Make Toy Horse Reins (Children’s toy)

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how to make toy horse reins

How to make Toy Horse Reins using fingerknitting and a piece of handmade felt!   Over the years, the horse reins from felt and fingerknitting have proved to be a big favourite with children and adults alike.  They are super simple, yet really effective, and are often the first ‘toy’ that a mother makes for her child with her own hand.  It…

How to Make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit

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how to make a washcloth bunny rabbit

How to make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit Makes a lovely handmade gift idea for Easter or Springtime!     My teaching friends Jennie and Jemma were given a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit as an easter gift, and when he was three, I made Ned his very own pink one. He did love pink!   There is still time to make one for your…

How To Make Puppets: Swimming Fish Play Toys

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how to make puppets

Project 16: How to make puppets Swimming Fish Finger Puppets Time: 45 minutes maximum Difficulty: A little bit of blanket stitching involved.  Neatness vs speed is up to you!   For project number 16, I wanted to make something inspired by a fish so I thought I’d show you how to make puppets like I did many years ago in…

How to make a handmade butterfly toy with wool fibres

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These simple butterflies are loved by little children everywhere. You just need two 8-10cm lengths of carded wool sliver in your choice of colour. Wool fleece can be purchased from my friend Jen at her facebook page, Lavendilly Fibre Arts. She sells fleece in 100 gram lots but if you ask her nicely, she might even make you up a…

How to make a little cloth dolly. Perfect for the dollhouse.

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Cut this pattern from a piece of your favourite coloured flannelette. My pattern is approx 10cm in length and 8cm across the arm width. (slightly bigger than onscreen) You’ll need to make two little hands and a head too. Use tricot or a skin coloured cloth. (Rugby knit will work if you can find a decent colour) The material needs…

Sponsored Giveaway: Make your own Rainbow Horse Kit from Indigo Inspirations

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Sponsor Giveaway     The lovely Jo, from Indigo Inspirations , is excited to offer MamaMoontime readers a wonderful giveaway.  Thank you, Jo. This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for entering. A RAINBOW HORSE KIT The lucky winner will receive an all-inclusive kit to make their very own rainbow horse. (Actually, Jo kindly suggested that the winner might like…

Crafting Nature Landscapes with Christina Lane

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Our afternoons at our in-service were spent nurturing ourselves with a little heart felt craft! Oh, what a joy and a pleasure to allocate child-free time to make something with our hands. Handwork hasn’t featured in one of our regional meetings for quite some time so it was about time it came back! We invited Christina Lane, pictured above in…

Where to buy eco-friendly, timber or handmade toys for children

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In 2006, I was lucky enough to purchase the most glorious wee felt folk in a seedpod shaped hanging bag from a business called The Friendship Tree Started by two sisters, Kim and Donna, in Melbourne many years ago, their work is divine and has inspired many a toadstool house, I’m sure! The girls have a broad range of wooden…

How to make a handmade turtle toy for children

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I once needed a small turtle prop for a story. Here is how I made it. First, I cut out two turtle shapes, and 6 (judge as you go- you may only need 5 plates) turtle plates. Blanket stitch around the edge of the two turtle shapes to join them together. Leave a small gap (about 3cm) wide so you…