Six Fun Things to Do with Rainbow Silks

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rainbow silks

Ideas on how to use a Rainbow Dip-dyed cloth    Avril (below) was a presenter for a rainbow dip dyeing workshop. Look at the lovely rainbow silk cloths she dyed with her group. Later in the week, we had a group discussion to share some ideas on how we could use these cloths with children in imaginative play.     One…

A Unique and Treasured Birthday Celebration Idea for a 5 year old child

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ned birthday celebration

A shining star! Through the fluke of a camera angle, look at what happened to this picture.  Seriously… a perfect image of this delightful personality.  Ned was lucky enough to have his birthday celebration at his preschool this week. On Wednesday morning, the first thing he did was yell, ‘Mum, it’s my birthday celebration today’.  It was kind of loud…

Handmade Origami Box

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Handmade Origami Box       Don’t you just think this tiny origami box keepsake is the perfect fit for baby teeth that are ready for the Tooth Fairy? And look, it fits a golden coin too. Magnificent.   I will never be as surprised at the power of a piece of golden paper as I was for this origami-style…

Prince and Princess Crown Headbands: A how-to tutorial

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On Friday 6th January, we attended a Royal Gathering, the “Fete des Rois”. (You can read about our adventure at Lavendilly House) Of course, one cannot attend a royal gathering without a title or a crown. Whilst Ned is informally known as Ned, Prince of Books, for this occasion he took a new title. “Sir Truck-a-lot“ Yes, when Ned was…

Ned’s Birthday Celebration at Moondew Playgroup 2011

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I can’t give too much away as this is a special occasion for Moondew families, but Ned did finally have his turn at sitting on the Rainbow Throne. Our little Moondew friend Sits on the rainbow throne For today, is the one day, they can call their very own!   Ned couldn’t wait to open his gift and was super…

Birthday Celebrations (Waldorf inspired) for 2 year olds

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Birthday Celebrations are a special time in a child’s life.  It is a day where the child steps over a yearly threshold.  Each year, the child grows and changes and we observe as they travel through different “epochs”. (eg baby-toddler-boundary pusher-mama’s helper-fairy and elf friend…. this goes on throughout life) It is wise mother and father who recognise these epochs and takes…