Outdoor Playground Ideas: gardening, wildlife, sandpit, and water activities

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outdoor playground ideas

And a few more outdoor playground ideas… Again, with big big thanks to Fiona Jarvis, of Playgroup ACT, for her inspiration and ideas.     Gardening- *provide tools such as shovels, rakes, watering cans and hand diggers. You can buy these pretty cheaply from most large hardware shops (for $5- $10 a piece) and they make GREAT Christmas presents!  Stuck…

How to Make Toy Horse Reins (Children’s toy)

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how to make toy horse reins

How to make Toy Horse Reins using fingerknitting and a piece of handmade felt!   Over the years, the horse reins from felt and fingerknitting have proved to be a big favourite with children and adults alike.  They are super simple, yet really effective, and are often the first ‘toy’ that a mother makes for her child with her own hand.  It…

How to Make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit

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how to make a washcloth bunny rabbit

How to make a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit Makes a lovely handmade gift idea for Easter or Springtime!     My teaching friends Jennie and Jemma were given a Washcloth Bunny Rabbit as an easter gift, and when he was three, I made Ned his very own pink one. He did love pink!   There is still time to make one for your…

Fimo Bunnies for Easter: a how-to tutorial

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fimo bunny family

Fimo Bunnies for Easter or Spring decorations If you are looking for a sweet but simple craft for Easter or springtime, why not try making your own fimo bunnies? They are just perfect for a tiny surprise gift on Easter morning, and small enough to pop in the post for a letterbox surprise for a friend too. They’d be great…

Make your own tic tac toe game

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kids nature crafts

Project #24.  Make your own tic tac toe game Paint your own Bumble Bee and Ladybird game pieces using stones, and sew up a Leaf Games Board Time: Paint needs a little drying time between coats but this can still be done in half a day. Difficulty: Acrylic Paint Fun. Keep wet towels and newspaper handy.   Here’s a simple nature-inspired…

Beaded Butterfly Necklace For Kids

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beading patterns

Project #21: Beaded Butterfly Activity Butterfly Necklace, Brooch or Hanging Mobile for Kids Time: 45 minutes Difficulty: Wonderful for pincer grip, and sorting beads by colour. Could be hours of fun with this!   One of our little friends has a birthday coming up so I thought I’d come up with a cute nature-inspired craft that could be used for…

How do you make a toy snail?

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how do you make a toy

Project 20: How do you make a toy snail? Time: An hour or so Difficulty: Fiddly fingers but totally do-able!   I’m often asked, “how do you make a toy (insert toy of choice here)?” I’ve made lots of toys over the years but never a snail before. It was a new challenge. I like a crafty challenge. It helps…

DIY Toy Butterfly Made Out Of Paper

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butterfly crafts

  Project #6:  DIY Toy Butterfly Made Out Of Paper Personalise it by cutting it from painted paper Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Easy.   I love a good way of using up some of my children’s paintings. (Although you can make a watercolour painting particularly for this craft of course!)  And I love butterfly crafts. So this butterfly made out of paper is…

30 days of NATURE CRAFT: I am beyond excited!

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nature crafts

30 days of Nature Craft (Aren’t these flowers lovely?  I think they are my all time favourites. Thank you, Sandi!) I have this new thing happening with my blog. You see, as I spend so much time on the computer writing (and answering emails, and volunteering my time to help with community things) and looking after Ned and baby Jack,…

How to make a Hungry Little Caterpillar birthday party invitation using cardboard

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Hungry Little Caterpillar birthday invitation

    I made this simple 3D ‘Hungry Little Caterpillar’-inspired invitation for a playgroup Autumn event, but it would make a great birthday invitation too, and it wouldn’t be too tricky or time-consuming to make a bunch for your children’s friends. I love making invitations for parties.  I love the creative challenge to come up with something a little bit…

Nature Treasure Hunt for Earth Day Fun 2013

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nature treasure hunt jpeg

  With Earth Day just around the corner, I’ve made up a little Nature Treasure Hunt for you and your children. Download it as a PDF file here and print it on your home computer to get started. The goal is to head on out into nature, and search for the 17 items on the list. You can try a…

Make your own ‘dinosaur and egg’ birthday invitations

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handmade paper dinosaur invitation for a boy birthday

Today, Ned and I made the 12 birthday invitations for his upcoming ‘dinosaur’ party.  Yes, my son is now dinosaur obsessed but I am a little thankful that this year we have a new theme to work with!  I was kind of wondering how I was going to come up with something inventive for a third ‘truck’ inspired party…  …