Parent Tip: How to encourage child to eat vegetables

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How to encourage child to eat vegetables

Today, I’d like to quote my sage friend Maria. We were talking last week about our children’s likes and dislikes of food.
Those with more than one child know that each child COMES with their own food temperament. Some children will eat whatever you put in front of them, with GUSTO!  And ask for more.
Yet other children eat like a sparrow, barely touching the food on their plate and frustrating the hell out of parents worried their children are not consuming not only enough food but vitamins and minerals and all the goodness that food provides.
Other children determine that they will only eat certain foods and many parents give in despite all their good intentions just to ensure their children are eating something for energy.
Mealtimes and eating is certainly fraught with challenges in some households.

Maria’s Tip

Maria’s tip for the day is that when children say “I don’t like tomatoes
 (or potatoes, or broccoli, or pumpkin, or spaghetti bolognese… Fill the gap yourself),
you simply say,

“You don’t like tomatoes YET

Our job as parents is to keep giving them lots of varieties of foods to try, even when they say they don’t like something, to encourage an open-mindedness towards a broad range of tastes and flavours and cultures too.  When we say ‘yet’, they are given a reprieve AND an opportunity to grow in the future.
Thank you Maria.

Have you any food-eating tips you’d like to share too?

6 Responses to “Parent Tip: How to encourage child to eat vegetables”

  1. Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue

    Set out a dinner smorgasbord – the the kids can pick and choose what they like and you’re not fussing about what to give who. I find the kids can be more adventurous if they have ownership over trying something.

  2. Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue

    carrots, peas, beans, lettuce, what’s growing in the garden bread, tuna….then whatever we’re having for dinner in bits – pasta then sauce, rice then curry, separate bits to put in fried rice, things to put in a wrap or rice paper roll, just like most dinners but its all separate to cater for the painful ones.

  3. Anonymous

    My friend Hannah always tells her daughters that sometimes their taste buds will grow up, so they might like to keep trying the food as they never know when their taste buds will grow up. She gives them lots of verbal and emotional positive feedback when their taste buds grow up too.

  4. Amber Greene

    Yay Felicity, and thanks Hannah for the tip. I love this. Tastebuds growing up just like them. And we all know how little kids love to tell us how old they are, and when they’ll be… so I can see this would totally mesh with little ones. Fabulous.

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