Buttonhole using blanket stitch, a step-by-step tutorial

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Making a buttonhole on felt is simple. All you need to do is to cut out a small hole on the felt and blanket stitch around it. A true buttonhole stitch requires an extra knot at the top of the loop to give it double strength but with felt, the weight and strength of the material means a blanket stitch will do.
Thread a needle and push it through the felt from behind. Poke the needle back through the hole and repeat the step in the same spot. Take your needle through the hole to the back once more.
For the second stitch, push the needle half way up through the felt 3mm to the right of the first stitch. Wrap the needle with the length of thread and then pull the needle up through the felt completely.
Place the thread so that it sits over the hole. For every subsequent stitch, push the needle into the felt from the top side so that the tip of the needle faces into the hole and sits IN FRONT OF the thread.
Pull the needle through to make a stitch. Continue your way around the circle, keeping your stitches on a slight angle like the rays of the sun.
Finish by doubling up on top of the first stitch and tying off the knot.

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