How to make a doll with wooden beads

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How to make a doll with wooden beads

30 Days of Dolls:

How to make a doll with wooden beads 

No. 11: A little rainbow elf to guard your keys

 How to make a doll with wooden beads

I made this little guy recently to hang alongside my keys. He injects a nice little bit of rainbow into my office. I kind of like that. I’m a rainbow girl at heart. Big, vibrant rainbows. Not muted ones. And it is very sweet to have this elf just minding his own business as he minds mine. But if you don’t want him there, you can put him to work elsewhere. Perhaps in your children’s rooms, or on a mobile? On a keychain? Or as a gift ornament on the wrapping paper as they do in Japan?

Or perhaps you have another idea altogether?

How to make a doll with wooden beads. Follow these steps.

How to make a doll with wooden beads

1. Find yourself a stash of rainbow coloured wooden beads. Mine came from Indigo Inspiration. Jo dyed them with her landscape dyes. Cut two pieces of string, about 30 cm each in length.  Thread a red bead onto one piece of string and tie it on tightly. Repeat with the other piece of string. It might be good to work with two needles, one for each string, to stop you having to keep swapping.

2. Thread on an orange, then yellow, then green bead, followed by a large bead (mine is green) for the body.

3. Repeat on right piece of string.

How to make a doll with wooden beads2

4. Thread one string through a very small glass bead. Repeat with the second string.

5. Thread one string through the gap below the glass bead as shown. Repeat with the other string. Then push the glass bead down as far as you can on top of body.

6. Take one string and thread on a dark green, a blue and a purple bead, followed by a smaller plain wooden bead. Loop around this last bead and back through the purple, blue and dark green bead back to centre.

How to make a doll with wooden beads3

7. Repeat with other arm. Push the beads so that they sit squarely and nicely next to one another then tie off these two pieces of string in the centre above the glass bead.

8. Thread both strings through a ‘head’ bead, then tie a knot. Run one string behind the head, and back up through the centre. Tie a double knot with both strings to secure head in place. Leave threads hanging.

9. Cut a triangle of felt for a elf hat. Sew up the long side of the hat with blanket stitch, leaving a small gap at the top for the strings to pass through. Add a bell bead or similar too. Leave thread attached for the moment.

How to make a doll with wooden beads4

10. Pass the head strings up through the hat, and through the gap at the point. Tie the string off tightly, then pull one string through to tie onto the keyring circle attachment.

11. Complete the hat by finishing off the blanket stitching. Cut all loose threads.

12. Place the elf in place, reading to mind your keys.

How to make a doll with wooden beads

What would you use Rainbow Elf for?

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  1. Kylie

    Am making this today! But a smaller version to go on my key ring – so my 18 month old has something to play with when we need a distraction. Thankyou :)

  2. KaytLinn

    Love this idea! I am changing it up a little bit and making my 2 & 4 year old’s custom Elf on the Shelf dolls <3

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