How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher

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How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher

How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher

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With Christmas approaching, lots of people start thinking about Christmas gifts for their child’s teacher. If you, like me, have been blessed with a teacher who has shone a bright light upon your child and loved them with all their heart, then you might start thinking about making a special gift instead of buying one. There is just something special about a handmade gift isn’t there… that someone has taken the time and made an effort for hours, days or possibly weeks to craft or create a special something just for you. Why, it’s an honour to receive something like that.

And it doesn’t have to be a big thing. I love handmade cards. You might too. So I thought I’d show you how to make a handmade card for teacher, or anyone you love for that matter. The card that features in this tutorial was made for a lovely teacher friend of mine, who kindly sent Ned a whole stack of those Woolworths animal cards he has been mad on.

(Did your children get into that craze? Gosh, I have NO idea how it became so big for Ned. We haven’t been shopping at our local Woolies in Mullumbimby much lately -long story- even though I normally shop there quite a bit so we almost missed the whole thing but all it took was one card pack, and it was on!)

We wanted to send a BIG thank you to Anita with a bit of handmade card love. Hope she liked it!

I just love the 3D pop-up. It’s so easy to do, but looks so effective and fun!  And you can personalise it with a doll character in the shape of your children, your family, your house, or draw your teacher herself.

I hope you have as much fun making your cards as we did making this one.

How to make a handmade card for teacher:

Photos: left to right, top to bottom.

How to make a handmade card for teacher- template

1. You’ll need two generic cards, plus one envelope for this project.  Take one card, and use a x-acto knife (stanley knife) to cut the 3D pop-ups.  The longer the cut, the closer the pop-up will be to you. The shorter the cut, the closer it will be to the background of the card.  The cuts need to be made in pairs.  So if you want three pop-ups, you’ll need six cuts. Just make sure each pair of cuts is the same length. In my card, we cut four pairs of lines. You can see the differing lengths. The longest pair is the pop-up where the doll of Ned will attach to.

How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher

2. To make the grass for the background, cut a strip of green paper. Cut a grassy pattern ^V^V^V^ along the long side. Open your card and work out which bits of your card will come forward.

3. When you know that, glue down the grassy pieces to the background of the card. (ie: the places on either side of the pop-ups).

4. Gently push the pop-ups forward from behind.

5. This is what your card will look like at this stage. Close the card with the pop-ups forward in place to stabilise the folds.

How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher2

6. Now to embellish the cards. I glued a piece of baker’s twine along the background. This is to ‘hang’ the bunting flags on.

7. Cut out enough triangle shapes in a rainbow order to cover the twine from one side to the other. Glue them down, slightly overlapping each other but sitting just under the twine. Cut out some letters from another piece of coloured card. I chose to cut out the letters for ‘Thank You’ but you might write something else. (You can use this card for birthdays, celebrations, or whatever you fancy). Glue them onto the bunting flags.

8 & 9.  This is what it will look like.

How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher3

10. Time for the fun part of making the characters. This is a good template for people. It stands 5 cm tall.

11. Draw your character (I drew Ned) on a piece of paper, colour him in, cut him out, then glue him to a piece of thicker card. Cut the doll figure out again. Before glueing the doll onto the pop-up at the front, add another bit of ‘grass’ to the base of the pop up. This helps to cover the pop-up completely.

12. For the trees,cut out two strips of brown cardboard and glue them in place as the ‘trunks’ of the tree. Glue a piece of grass in front of both. Then add a tree top to each one, cut from green thick scrapbook card.

13. Make a third tree on the right hand side. In this tree, I added a lovely bird in a nest. But you might have other sweet ideas.

How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher4

14. Then it is time to embellish the base of the card. Cut out a ‘picnic rug’ rectangle, scrunch it up a bit to make it look more like a real picnic blanket (the bane of spring must be trying to smooth out the picnic rug…) and glue it to the base.

15. Write your personalised message on the picnic rug.

16. Use a flower punch to cut out a number of flower shapes, or cut them by hand,

17. Cover the base of your card with pretty colourful blooms.

How To Make A Handmade Card For Teacher5

18. When your card is complete, fold it in half to make sure all your embellishments tuck away neatly.

19. The final step is to glue the entire card onto the second card. This is to hide the ‘missing gaps’ that now appear on your card when you close it. Decorate the front page of the card as you like.

20. A quick tip… when glueing the bunting flag with Ned’s help, we made a little boo boo with the glue and a messy blog appeared on the card beneath the letter Y. To fix it, we made another flying bird and stuck it on to cover our mistake. You can do the same thing if you need. PS: Don’t tell Anita!

It is such fun to make handmade cards!

Do you like making cards too?  What do you do? What’s your tip?

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