How to Make a Fall Leaf Garland (Autumn)

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how to make a fall leaf garland

How to Make a Fall Leaf Garland

An activity for children in Autumn using simple sewing.


On the last day of term, Ned’s kindergarten celebrated with an Autumn Festival. (Oh my. I do love a kindergarten festival. Stop by tomorrow for a sneak peek! Better late than never.)  When we arrived, we were invited to head on down to the grassy paddock outside the kindergarten gates. And what a sight did greet us. A sunny patch of warming rays, AND festive autumn garland flags flittering in the breeze. Oh, and,Sammy the Slippery Red Bellied Black Snake who decided it was the perfect time for him to catch a few warming rays too. (Luckily, he soon slithered away, making a wise choice to catch up on his sun baking another day!)

But it was the autumn garland that caught my eye. What a lovely, lovely craft for the children to make. (Thank you to the teachers J & J.)

Of course, I had to share it with you. So simple, yet beautifully effective, and I imagine, relatively quick to make once the children know their ‘dolphin’ (straight) stitch technique.

Make your own Autumn/Fall Leaf Garland

how to make a fall leaf garland

1.    All you have to do is cut out as many rectangles 12cm by 16cm as you’d like on your garland. I’d suggest to start with about 20.

2.    Then cut out an assortment of leaf shapes from hessian or felt too, small enough to fit inside that hessian rectangle.

how to make a fall leaf garland
3.    Fold over the top edge by 2cm and pin in place. When this is done, ask children to sew a line of straight stitching along the fold line to make the pocket for the garland rope holder

how to make a fall leaf garland

4.    Invite the children to sew their choice of leaf onto the hessian using thick embroidery cottons. I’d suggest showing them how to run a straight line up the centre first, then travel around the outside border second. And those who can might like to add more detail like this one!

5.    When you have a pile of leaf-embroidered rectangles ready, thread a long piece of thread onto a large-eyed tapestry needle and then gently and carefully thread all the pieces onto the string, making sure the leaf embroidery all faces outwards in the one direction.

6.    When you are done, string your new lovely garland up in your magical pocket of trees in the garden. Lay out a picnic rug and share in the last of the Autumn warmth before winter with a cup of warming tea and a sweet or savoury bun with your little ones.

how to make a fall leaf garland

Or for something even more special, why not hang it up in a local park that needs a little bit of brightening and make everyone’s day just that little bit more special?

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