Winter songs: Lanterns on the Banksia Trees

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Winter songs: “Lanterns on the Banksia trees”

winter songs

I do love to have Australian-themed winter songs, especially as I live in an area where winter involves about a week’s worth of cold days. Songs of snow, and frost, and icy breath doesn’t really fit… I bought three beautiful hand-knitted and hand-crocheted scarves two years ago and I’ve yet to wear them. I’m hoping this year might give me a day or two of cold enough weather that I can finally bring them out.

This particular song is one I adore- the image of tiny wattle ‘suns’ is just so apt. ¬†They really do shine brightly. (I wish they did glow in the dark too. Now wouldn’t that be special?)

So, I bring you this song and hope that wherever you may be when you listen to it, you are having a lovely sweet day!


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