The Lamplights “Hopping Mouse” song for children

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One of the most enjoyable parts of raising a young child again (13 years after the first) is that I get to indulge in children’s music again.  Not the boring, repetitive junk food type music that often dominates the marketplace but heart-filled music that appeals to audiences of all ages.  I have to say I’ve become a big fan of Justine Clarke in recent times.  Her songs are so addictive!  But I’m also lucky enough to have an old uni friend, Ashley Perrow who, with his band The Lamplights has come up with a catchy song that has mesmerised the kids of the Gold Coast. The Hopping Mouse is the song I’m talking about. Have you heard it yet?

My friend Ashley Perrow (acoustic and lap slide guitar) joined forces in a with Ryan Gittoes on vocals, (in another example of the six-degrees of separation theory, Ryan is also the partner of a good friend and colleague of mine) Jason McGregor on acoustic and electric guitar, Mattie Barker on vocals, harmonica and bass, and Mick Easterman on drums.  What a band.
The Lamplights debuted on the music scene in 2009 and have been engaging audiences, young and old, at festivals, and on-air since then.  They play all kinds of venues and events and Ned and I can often be found in their audience, listening to their magic kind of music.  (My favourite song is Practise.) They rock, but never more so than when they play Hopping Mouse!   You should see the mass of young children jump up when they hear the first notes of the song.
These guys should make more music for children.  Don’t you agree?  Why not petition them???

Pop on over to The Lamplights page to have a preview listen for yourself.
LIKE them on Facebook too.
That will make their day!

14 Responses to “The Lamplights “Hopping Mouse” song for children”

  1. Anonymous

    They would be great at the woodford folk festival!
    Meg Geer

  2. kathcrispin

    Mr 3 and I just loved watching that, he wants to watch more. They look and sound like a heap of fun, thanks so much for introducing them to us!

  3. Katrina R

    Good fun! We could do with some new music – we’ve had the same CD in the car for about a year and I’d really love to hear something new! Haha. :)

  4. Anonymous

    Yep stuck n my head now ! been doing dishes to it !My lil one just loves them and that so cute mouse !thanks for sharing Amber
    Sonia and Summer

  5. Sandi

    Love the regga mouse. Eden is saying more, more!! Would love to see them live. Missed them by a wink at the Kirra kite festival. Have to dance with Ned sometime to the lamplights.xx

  6. Sharningu

    Like Katrina R, I could definitely use some fresh music in the car. Getting pretty sick of Justine Clark and the soundtrack to Cars :)
    Thanks for the opportunity x

  7. Anonymous

    I think I used to live next door to Jason when we lived in Slacks Creek. He helped me out when he saw me stranded with no petrol in my car, by the side of the road. Totally lovely human being. Fliss

  8. Ronnie

    Thanks for introducing new music. We love our Justine Clarke but could do with something fresh especially as we are in the car doing kinder drop off and pick up five days a week!

  9. Catherine Clucas

    Definitely adding this to my Family Day Care Family repertoire, and please understand my little friends are quite discerning and this group have their thumbs up!!

  10. Anonymous

    Great one! I know a few children who would just love this one!

    Thanks, Kia and soul. Xo

  11. Amber Greene

    Thank you for entering. The giveaway is now closed. Winners are (no. 4) (no. 7) Katrina R, and Sandi.
    Congratulations!! CD is coming your way soon.

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