The Autumn Star Fairies Song for children

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star apple puppet show

The Autumn Star Fairies Song on Youtube

There are some songs for children that just capture your attention and melt your heart.  This song, The Autumn Star Fairies, is one of those!  I just love it. Ned’s teachers at school sing this song, and he has been singing it at home for weeks. I’m so pleased that they were happy for me to share it here. The song has been passed from kindergarten to kindergarten, so sadly, I’m not sure who was the original author but if you know, please send me an email ( and I’ll credit them here.

For those of you in the Northern hemisphere, bookmark this one for later.


The autumn star fairies put stars everywhere

In starfruits, and seedpods, and apples and pears

The little stars woven to shine their light

And guide the earth’s children through autumn light. 

Wouldn’t it make a lovely lullaby?  I’ve been singing it to baby Jack and he seems to love it too.



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