Spring Songs For Kids Youtube: “I Like The Flowers”

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 Watch Amber sing a spring song for kids on Youtube


Whenever I hear a lovely tune, there is nothing worse than being unable to recall it later. So now, I’ll often sing it into my iphone so I remember it. Doing this helps me to keep the song tune as close to the original as I can. You see, I have a habit of tweaking little songs just a little bit, unintentionally of course, and soon the tune might only just resemble the original.

This gorgeous song was one that my son Ned’s kindergarten teachers sing. It is a new one to me, but perhaps not to you? ¬†When my friend Jen took this video, she and her 5 year old daughter started singing along. It is one of those kind of catchy songs. Be warned, you may not be able to get this tune out of your head for days.

We’re midway into Spring now… summer is fast approaching, so sing this while you can.

Sing, sing, and sing, I say!



I like the flowers

I like the daffodils

I like the sunshine

I like the rolling hills

I like the fireside

When the lights are low

Ah, boom di aye, a boom di aye, a boom di aye, a boom di aye.


Original author unknown. Please do let me know if you have any idea.


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