Holiday Activity Fun: Rubber duck scooping

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Ned played this game at a fete we went to recently.
Children were given a big scooping net with a long handle and invited to scoop up a rubber duck.
Each duck had a number written on the underside and the number determined the prize you won.
I love prizes and so do children, but sometimes the prizes children receive at fetes and fairs can be a little questionable.  Think plastic rubbish from the $2 shop.  I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t need any more of that junk in my house!
But I love the concept of this game and children love it so I started thinking about other kinds of ‘prizes’ we might try….
1.  The number might determine how many slices of juicy watermelon they receive (either 1, 2 or 3).  Everyone loves watermelon, don’t they?
2.  Change the ‘numbers’ to shapes (hearts, stars, squares, circles) and ask the children to guess the shape before they scoop.  If they scoop the shape they chose, give them a big clap!  And perhaps a homemade necklace with that number of ‘beads’ on it.  Children might even make their own necklace prize?
3.  Invite the children to take home their scooped duck to use in the bath. I bet most children would love this too!
What a wonderful summertime game.  Can you just imagine how wet some of the children might get?
I can just see children hopping into the duck pond with the ducks somehow….
Have you any other ideas as to how children might use this duck game??
Suggestions most welcome.

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