How to make a Hungry Little Caterpillar birthday party invitation using cardboard

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Hungry Little Caterpillar birthday invitation


I made this simple 3D ‘Hungry Little Caterpillar’-inspired invitation for a playgroup Autumn event, but it would make a great birthday invitation too, and it wouldn’t be too tricky or time-consuming to make a bunch for your children’s friends. I love making invitations for parties.  I love the creative challenge to come up with something a little bit unusual. And there is something a little bit special about finding something odd or quirky like this in your letterbox.  Children LOVE it!


hungry caterpillar handmade invitation

To begin, you need to cut out the apple template for the base, as many as you need, from red cardboard.

hungry caterpillar handmade invitation1

Then you’ll need a 4cm long rectangle of dark green card for the stem, and at least two small leaf shapes from light green card.


Glue the rectangle to the back of the apple shape, and add the leaves to the stem like this.

hungry caterpillar handmade invitation4

Use an acto-knife (stanley knife) to cut a small incision on the diagonal on the right side of the apple. This is for the caterpillar to poke his friendly head through.

hungry caterpillar handmade invitation5

Make a piece of fingerknitting about 4cm long from green 12 or 16 ply wool. Use a glitter glue pen to add eyes to the body.

hungry little caterpillar pm2.

Let little caterpillar begin to eat his way through!

Then it’s time to fire up your creative flair to design and personalise your invitation with paper punches, stickers, fancy fonts & confetti..whatever takes your fancy.

Simple and quick, but sweet.  And perfect for a Hungry Caterpillar party, or mini-beasts lesson. Don’t you think?

Have you hosted a Hungry Caterpillar- inspired party before?

What did you do?

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