How to make a Birthday Medallion Necklace using felt scraps and wooden beads

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No crowns for our birthday children this year.
Nope.  The children are gifted instead with a beaded medallion necklace.
The medallion itself is a felt version of their Moondew symbol.


The beads are threaded onto a long length of coloured ribbon via a needle.
I cut out the basic shapes of their symbol and stitch them to a circle of felt.
I add embellishments with embroidery and then glue a second, slightly larger felt circle to the back to keep it all neat and tidy.
The medallion is stitched to the centre of the bead necklace through and around the ribbon.I rather like these.


It is such an honour to place it around the child’s neck during the ceremony.
It kind of feels like I am ‘knighting’ them!
And I hear that they like them too!

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