Dragon eggs and Fairy eggs

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fairy eggsLast year, a friend of mine held a birthday party and in the take home party bag was a little cellophane packet tied up with string that held about 20 tiny fairy eggs in rainbow colours. Ned was fascinated by these tiny balls and their potential. But somehow, they got lost.

Last month, when we were in Sydney, we visited Paddy’s Market in Haymarket and Ned spotted a bowl of rainbow coloured fairy eggs on a stall. But the Vietnamese girl was adamant that her eggs were not fairy eggs at all. Instead, they were ‘dragon’ eggs. Ned was beside himself with excitement so we bought three packets for $5.  A worthy investment for hours of fun ahead!

dragon eggs

Last weekend, we finally got around to helping them to grow.  Ned helped me fill four glass bottles with about 200 ml of water in each one.  The stall holder had told us that the dragon eggs needed about 500 ml to start with, but then to add another 500 ml or so once they began growing. So we tried to split that amount through the bottles.


We opened the rainbow packet.


Ned helped me to count out an equal amount of dragon eggs for each of the jars. It was about noon when we finished.


At about 6.30 pm, our dragon eggs were beginning to sprout!



We added a little more water to help them grow overnight.


By morning, all the dragon eggs were fully grown and artfully displayed in these lovely glass jars. They didn’t stay in here long though… no. Ned poured them into a big plastic bucket and spent hours tumbling them about in his hands, from one container to another, and just letting them roll around his fingers. Not surprisingly, one or two were popped to see if a dragon would come out. But I told him that dragons only hatch when people are sleeping, and disappear to be with their Dragon mummies before the dawn.

He seemed happy enough with that!

Have you ever grown fairy eggs, or dragon eggs?

What did you do with them?


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  1. Leah Bates

    Our were played with for hours using different types of cooking utensils. They especially loved using mini tongs to pick them up and sort them into other containers. They were also squished and bounced around (we have an outside kids kitchen setup) lots of fun!!

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