Seed painting: A how-to tutorial

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A few weeks ago, we went to an eco-friendly festival.
This was one of the activities on offer.
On the table were five or six small dishes filled with acrylic paint, and mixed into the acrylic paint were all kinds of seeds- sunflowers and daisies included.  The children were then given a large sheet of butcher’s paper and invited to paint their heart’s out!  Once dry, these sheets of paper could be laid directly onto a garden bed and watered.
With time, the paper would break down and release the seeds into the earth, and with luck, some flowers would grow.
What fun!
I think I’d have to source some eco-friendly acrylic paint for this activity, as who knows what chemicals are in acrylic paint normally.
In Australia, you can now buy eco-friendly acrylic paint from Shamrock Craft.
In America, you can buy the full colour range from Eco Green Crafts.
What a terrific idea for toddlers, don’t you think?
Happy seed painting!

2 Responses to “Seed painting: A how-to tutorial”

  1. Sharningu

    Cool idea!
    You can get those paints from Spotlight. I think they are $6 a tube, but I bought them on special for half price (of course). I have since seen them half price again recently. So yeah, keep an eye out :)

  2. Amber Greene

    Pays to have a good hunt around, doesn’t it? I’ll check it out the next time I go to spotlight… maybe sooner than i planned!! THanks Sharni. My good old researcher is at it again.

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