How To Make Hair Accessories For Girls: Nature-Inspired Crafts

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Project #29:

How to make hair accessories for girls-

Cute handmade ‘turtle’ hair clip

Time: Less than an hour.  Try making a few at a time.

Difficulty: Perfect for kids.


I was in a variety store the other day, and saw a packet of plain hair clips, the perfect base for a bit of nature-inspired crafty embellishing. I’ve made flower hairclips, and ladybird hairclips, so this time I wanted to make something a bit less girly, but still delightful. A cute turtle fitted my plans perfectly. But perhaps you like other animals… elephants, lions, mice, cats or dogs? If you google ‘animal illustrations’ and click on images, you’ll come up with a whole bunch of cartoony-style pictures you might be able to use for inspiration for your own felt fabulousness.

To begin, you’ll need felt and a few hair clips too.

how to make hair accessories for girls

1. Trace around your hair clip, leaving a good 3 mm allowance, to create a template. Use the template to cut two matching shapes from felt.

2. To make a turtle, cut out two oval shapes from green felt. Cut similar shapes from the above image for the two arms, two legs, pointy tail, and head poking out from under the shell. Tack the limbs in place using a straight stitch.

3. Put the top shell on top of the body and blanket stitch around the entire shape in between the limbs. Be sure to stuff it with wool or cotton before you close it up.

4. Add your shell pattern using embroidery. I made little squares with brown cotton to suggest the shell ‘plates’.

how to make hair accessories for girls turtle hair clip 2

5. To cover the hair clip, first you need to cut a little horizontal slit in the felt as shown.

6. This is where the ‘clip’ slips through.

7. Place the second piece of felt on top of clip, then blanket stitch both pieces together.

8. This is what it looks like when finished.

how to make hair accessories for girls

Then all you need to do is find a friend who would like to wear it!

What kind of fun embellishment would you add to a felt hair clip?




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