Home Office Organisation Ideas Using Fun Painted Stones

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Home Office organisation ideas

Project #28: Home Office Organisation Ideas

Paint a set of ‘jobs to do’ nature stones

Time: An hour or less. Time-saving? Endless.

Difficulty: Quick, easy and cheerful.


My office is ALWAYS in need of organisation. I’m someone who puts things in piles. But while I know what is in the pile at that moment, I quickly forget.  So many piles, too little time.

So this nature craft is one to help with my dilemma! Painted desk-tidy/organisation stones to help guard my goodies AND remind me of which pile I need to attend to first.

Perhaps they may help you too?

home office organisation ideas

1. Find yourself some LARGE weighty stones for this task.

2. The ones I have are polished, so I needed to sand them back first before I could paint. If you are lucky enough to find some dry river stones, you can probably skip this step. Experiment and see.

3. Paint the top face of your stones with white acrylic paint.

4. Leave to dry overnight.

 home office organisation ideas

5. When your stones are dry, prepare your paint.

6. Use a fine pointed brush to paint on your choice of words. I used: file, do, read, paid, today, and book. Paid should be ‘pay’. You might also add: love, follow up, visit, plan.

7. I used a cotton bud to print colourful spotty dots on my stones.

8. When they are fully dry, remember to seal the stones and paint by adding a layer of mod-podge or something similar.

home office organisation ideas

Here’s my stones in action!  (Just one tiny peek at my trestle desk of doom.)

Loving that the stones stop the fly-aways too.

So, supposing you were to make your own set, what “tasky” words would your stones feature?


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