Make your own outdoor chalk board

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Our newest addition to our outside playground is the rock-edged blackboard.
I love having a place where children can come and use good quality, vibrant, rainbow-hued chalk to make their own drawing creations.
Sometimes, when the hussle and bussle of play is just too much, or they are having a quiet, contemplative type of day, drawing is just the tonic.
Why limit that to paper?


You can buy chalkboard paint at any good hardware store.
It is as simple as painting it on a prepared surface (just as you would prep any surface ready to be  painted with sugar soap and sandpaper) then waiting for it to dry.
I love Lyra Chalks for their sheer vibrancy!
Rainbow brights, share your lights. Here we come…
And if you want some chalkboard drawing inspiration, why not stop by chalkboard resources ?
And this you-tube video! of Brian Wolfe in action!

3 Responses to “Make your own outdoor chalk board”

  1. Cheryl

    What a great idea. I’ve put a white board outside before, which was popular, but had to be brought in at the end of the day. I love the idea of the blackboard and how the pictures will change as it rains on them.

    I had to smile at the bare feet on grass. Its all welly boots here at the moment!

  2. Amber Greene

    Yep, it is pretty wet here too but at least it is warm! But I’m still wearing long sleeve pyjamas which is highly unusual in November! bring on the sun! and lots more barefoot time!

  3. Indigo inspirations

    Hey Amber….I sell all the Lyra products at Indigo Inspirations if that helps anyone. Not all the products are on the web but I can order in anything….
    Xox Jo

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