Magic rainbow ribbon wand DIY tutorial

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We’ve been catching rainbows!  Want to join us??
Firstly, take a craft stick and attach a fishing swivel to one end with a screw.
(Fishing swivels can be found in boating/camping/fishing stores)


Cut a strip of silk 5cm in width and at least one metre long.
Thread a needle with a piece of embroidery thread, and run a gathering stitch along one of the 5cm widths.


Attach this to the hole in the swivel with a few secure stitches.



Roll up your silk and tie an small elastic band around it to hold it tight until you are ready to paint.
You might like to sew a hem on the long lengths of silk.
If you haven’t time for this, you can also use pinking shears to cut a zig zag pattern onto the edges.
 This will stop the edges fraying and those bothersome silk tangly threads becoming loose.


(This is what pinking shears look like. Find them in all good sewing shops. Invaluable!)


Then it is time to paint.
Silk dyes are specially prepared paints for silk.
You just take a small amount (a scoop on the end of a paddlepop stick is perfect), and add each colour to 1/2 cup hot water.  Add one teaspoon of vinegar to each colour to help fix the dye on the silk.

I normally use baby food jars to store paint in, but I didn’t have enough, so I used plastic drinking cups and stood them in a small plastic bin to catch spills.  Be sure to have one paintbrush per colour, and supervise the children so colours stay relatively clear (and free of mud!)



Even my teenager was into it!!
Wash the ribbons out in clean water, then hang the ribbons out to dry.
 Soon, your children will be swirling magic rainbow ribbon wands to their delight!!
Here is the Planting the Magic Rainbow Seed” circle game I wrote that led us to find our own ‘magic ribbon wand’ surprise, ready for us to catch the rainbow colours and bring them down to Moondew!
Oh my, what fun!

6 Responses to “Magic rainbow ribbon wand DIY tutorial”

  1. Amber Greene

    Thank you ladies!! I’ll have some pics of the children in full magic flight with them this week! Yes, the magic is always free Jaime!!

  2. rachel star

    Aloha from Hawaii!
    I found you through a google Waldorf silk wand search!
    They are gorgeous! I was wondering a few things as I would like to do these for a school activity.
    How long was the silk?
    How long did it take to dry?
    Why is your opinion on tackling this craft with 20 children at once!?
    Thank you for blogging! I will be following you along with the only other blogs I follow (soulemama & angry chicken……other super crafty mamas!)

  3. Amber

    Hi Rachel. Thank you for that lovely compliment! What an honour to be placed in among your favourites alongside those two fine women. Now, for your questions (better late than never!) silk is about 1 metre long in strips about 4-5cm wide. If you hang it up on a washing line, they take about 10-15 minutes to dry on a fine day. And yes, it is totally fine to do with a group. Simply set up your tables (or along a wooden floor) by covering them in a few layers of butcher paper, then tape both ends of the silk strip to the paper. I’ve set up the rainbow silk paints in baby food jars- one set of jars per two painters. They only need a tiny bit of paint in the bottom of the jars. It goes a long way. So for 20 children, you’ll need 10 lots of jars (60 jars if you use all 6 colours). This is a great fundraising activity too, so keep the jars for this purpose too. We charge $6 per ribbon to paint if you are interested. It is a very popular activity at fairs, fetes and markets. Have fun!

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