Felt-covered bangle: A how-to tutorial

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Saturday Style. I’m never going to be the kind of girl who buys all her jewellery from Diva or Sportsgirl. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just that I’ve always been a left-of-centre kind of girl interested in making my own stuff.  Why not jewellery too? I’m a BIG fan of the chunky bangle and cuff.  That one…

Make a Felt Bowl: a how-to tutorial. Part Two

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Thread a needle with white cotton, tie a knot and leave about a one inch tail. When your felt circle is dry, run a gathering stitch using this cotton around the perimeter of the shape. Sew the thread about 1/2 cm from the edge. When you are back to the start, pull on both cotton tails to gather the tacking…

Make a Felt Bowl: a how-to tutorial, Part One

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To make the bowl, we first need to make a circle of felt. The great thing about this project is that your felt doesn’t need to be absolutely perfectly round. It’s a great one for children to do as it is quick and easy too. Here my 12-year old neighbour Holly is my trusty assistant. She is making a white…

Make a felt rope: A how-to tutorial

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Felt ropes are such fun! Children LOVE to roll them, getting all soapy and sudsy and wet. They also love making necklaces, snakes and bracelets with them or just playing with them too. It’s a great sunny day activity. All you need is some lengths of dry coloured fleece about 50cm long, and a bucket of soapy water. If I’m…

How to make a handmade felted Christmas candle holder

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I love red. I love red and white. Don’t you? They are just so magnificent together. This simple candle holder would make a great centrepiece for the Christmas Day table, don’t you think? It is an easy craft and not at all ‘precious’. This candle holder was designed by one of my best friends in the whole world, Jen McCormack,of…

How to make a handmade hibiscus flower Wedding Ring Pillow

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My friend Jemma married her lovely man Leon just the other weekend. Jemma was an education student a few years back, completing her teaching degree in my classroom but she has been my teacher as much as I have been hers, and I was honoured to be invited to her wedding. As a crafty soul, I pondered what I might…

Crafting Nature Landscapes with Christina Lane

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Our afternoons at our in-service were spent nurturing ourselves with a little heart felt craft! Oh, what a joy and a pleasure to allocate child-free time to make something with our hands. Handwork hasn’t featured in one of our regional meetings for quite some time so it was about time it came back! We invited Christina Lane, pictured above in…

Felt Storymat Examples

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Tamar made a lovely vertical playmat. Steph made a nature mat for her son for Christmas, complete with golden path, rock lined pond and a vegie patch.  Steph is going to continue embellishing this with needle felting. Lara’s toadstool house was loved by all. And Afra and her two little ones made their Advent spiral, also to be embellished with…

Felting with young children

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  For the past month, we have been taking turns to felt a breast plate to add to our lengths of fingerknitting for our own set of Horse reins. We will use these in a lively game, then they will be taken home to be enjoyed by all the children and their siblings. Felting is an activity that can be practiced at…