How To Make A Ballerina Peg Doll With FIMO Hair

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how to make a ballerina peg doll with fimo hair

30 Days of Dolls: How To Make A Ballerina Peg Doll With FIMO Hair No. 9: A second version of a peg doll  Brought to you by STAEDTLER I like peg dolls because there are so many ways you can make them.  Yesterday, I showed you one I made for my niece Alice. That one wore a felt dress sewed…

How To Make A Ballerina Peg Doll

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how to make a ballerina peg doll

30 Days of Dolls: How To Make A Ballerina Peg Doll No. 8: Complete with flower bouquet gift! My four-year-old niece Alice is a ballerina and goes to ballet class every week. Later in the year, she’ll be in a showcase and as she LOVES craft and things I make, I thought I’d create a doll for her end-of-year concert…

How to make an angel doll using paper

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How To Make An Angel Doll Using Paper

30 Days of Dolls: How To Make An Angel Doll Using Paper No 7: Hang on a mobile or use as a party activity   I like making things using paper and this angel doll couldn’t be easier. I think she might like to hang on top of a certain tree, but she would love to go home with children…

How to make a simple knot doll for kids

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how to make a simple knot doll for kids

30 Days of Dolls: How to make a simple knot doll for kids No. 6: A knot doll with 3 pieces of scrap fabric I loved learning how to make a simple knot doll for kids many years ago when I was teaching in kindergarten. There was even a gorgeous story about a Giant with cold feet and his new…

5. Angel Paper Doll

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paper doll

30 Days of Dolls: Angel Paper Doll No. 5: Sweet Seating Placeholder or Invitation Card   Every Christmas, I make at least one Angel Paper Doll using gold or yellow painted paper with Ned. They are the perfect crafty activity for kids too. They can paint the paper, trace the templates, cut them out (with your help or tidy up)…

4. Craft a “Star Baby” and His Sleeping Bag Pocket

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  30 Days of Dolls: Craft a Star Baby, and his Sleeping Bag Pocket No. 4: Pocket-sized doll, perfect for children who have difficulty sleeping or who like a little token that helps them to feel safe at night.   One year, my fellow teachers and I made little Star Babies like this for all the children in our kindergartens,…

3. Painted Peg Doll Fun

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peg doll

30 Days of Dolls: Painted Peg Doll Fun No. 3: Peg Doll Girl in a Winter Coat   I love peg dolls. They remind me of stories of Old England, as children sat by the fire crafting, knitting or making peg dolls with mama and grandma on cold frosty evenings, music playing on the gramophone. In the days before television,…

2. DIY Crafts: Wool Fleece Puppet Doll

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DIY crafts

30 Days of Dolls: Seymour Sprite No. 2: DIY Crafts- Make your own fairy garden friend toy/puppet   Making simple dolls or teddies must be one of the most popular forms of DIY crafts. I know it is one of mine. This little guy is called Seymour Sprite, named Seymour because he is from the “moors by the sea”. He…

1. King Sun Puppet For Simple Story Telling at Home or Preschool

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30 Days of Dolls: King Sun Puppet No. 1: Simple Storytelling Puppet & for imaginative play   This month, I’ve set myself the task of sharing some of the simple dolls I’ve created or discovered over the past 15-odd years as an early childhood teacher. I’ve made many of these again and again – for my children at home, for…

Making a doll: Felt “Peapod Baby”

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making a doll

Making a doll: Felt “Peapod Baby” by Catherine Penwarn.     The first thing to do when making the sweet peapod baby is to take a small bead or a felt ball and cover it with a 6cm square piece of tricot/flesh coloured knit.  Cath’s tip is to ensure the fabric threads run vertically over the head (as opposed to…

Making dolls – Wood and Wire Doll Tutorial: Girl

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making dolls

Making dolls- A wood and wire doll tutorial (girl)   I love these little dolls.  They are just divine. Perfect for play, and storytelling and as a nature table prop. This is how you make a little girl wood and wire doll.       Cut two patterns in your favourite coloured felt.     Once your dress is cut…

Making dolls: Wood and Wire Doll Tutorial (boy)

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making dolls

Making dolls: Wood and wire doll tutorial (Boy)       A few weeks ago, we began our Crafternoons again. I was the first host and wanted to try making dolls. As this was the only crafternoon before Easter, we made these little Easter-inspired dolls. They are simple because they use a wood and wire frame, but can be easily…

Felt doll bed for wee dolls: Handmade toy

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doll bed

Felt doll bed for wee dolls- a handmade toy     Sometimes, the little dolls in my son’s treehouse are so tired after a big day of play. All they want to do is go to sleep.  Their wooden beds are a little lacking in softness and comfort and are not at all good for a good night’s rest so…

Mrs Claus and Santa Toy: Peg Dolls

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mrs claus peg doll

Mrs Claus and Santa Toy: Handmade Peg dolls       Santa and Mrs Claus took the time to pose for a quick photo before Santa’s big journey begins this weekend….>Don’t they look sweet together? (This was our crafty project at last weekend’s Crafternoon #6 hosted by me)     If you’d like to make your own Santa and Mrs…

Wooden Peg Doll Fairy Elves: A how-to tutorial

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I’ve made a family of little fairy elves for a little event I’m hosting soon. (shhh, don’t tell!) Aren’t they sweet? Definitely nordic inspired… You can make one too. You’ll need an old fashioned peg, and a peg stand. Cut a piece of felt to fit around the peg from the ‘neck’ to the ‘mid-knee’. Use blanket stitch to sew…