Puppets For Children: Handmade Puppet Stand

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puppets for children

Project 17: I love puppets for children! Handmade puppet stand using logs and sticks from nature Time: 15 minutes plus drying time Difficulty: Adult required.   Yesterday, we made some puppets for children, two cute fish-shaped finger puppets. (At least I think it is pretty cute!)  But one thing I know about finger puppets is that they are often (usually?)…

How To Make Puppets: Swimming Fish Play Toys

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how to make puppets

Project 16: How to make puppets Swimming Fish Finger Puppets Time: 45 minutes maximum Difficulty: A little bit of blanket stitching involved.  Neatness vs speed is up to you!   For project number 16, I wanted to make something inspired by a fish so I thought I’d show you how to make puppets like I did many years ago in…

Nature Craft Activities For Kids: Toys For Play

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simple play

Project 15: Nature craft activities for kids Simple Play: handmade ‘Busy Businessman’ toy Time: 10 minutes Difficulty: Children can make versions of this guy for puppet shows and play   I had one lonely little gumnut sitting in my craft box last week, just waiting for a transformation in the nature craft activities for kids series. It didn’t even have…

Storytelling prop: crystal pond for frog

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Storytelling Prop   Project #14: Crystal and water reed lined storytelling prop: ‘pond’ for a little frog Time: One hour or so Difficulty: Watch out for the super glue!   About 10 years ago, I was telling my kindergarten children the story of the Frog Prince. And while I don’t always use a storytelling prop when I’m telling an oral…

Art With Leaves: Little Leaf Girl

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art with leaves

Project #12: Art with Leaves Little Leaf Girl Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Glorious fun on a sunny day!   I wanted to make art with leaves and fashion a fairy skirt for a little leaf girl doll and although I thought of many ways I might do it, I came back to a trusty old favourite of using pipe cleaners…

How To Make Fairy Garden Furniture

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doll house furniture

Project #11: How to make fairy garden furniture Doll house furniture using tree branches   Time: As long as it takes to find the right branch, let it dry, and use a saw to cut it up Difficulty: Complicated for those without right tools, but there is an answer!   I have a confession to make. I did not make…

Rainy Day Indoor Activities For Kids

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Project #9: Rainy Day Indoor Activities for Kids Indoor Table Sandpit   Time: If you can stand a bit of sand on the floor, children may play there all day long! Difficulty: Child’s play!   “Nature crafts” don’t have to be complicated. In fact, this one is as easy as finding the biggest container you have, filling it with beach…

Magic Wool Fleece Trees

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story props

Project #8: Magic Wool Fleece Trees for Story Props and Play Toys Time: 20 minutes maximum Difficulty: A piece of cake   Over the years of being a kindergarten teacher, I often used a simple prop such as a nature craft when telling a story to help the children spark ideas for their own play and storytelling fun too.  Many…

Easy Craft Projects For The Home: Painted Flower Tealight Centrepiece

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Project #7:  Easy Craft Projects for the Home Tea Light Flower Centrepiece Nature-inspired, Watercolour-painted Time: One hour plus painting time if needed Difficulty: Cutting skills needed Yesterday I painted a sheet of paper with rainbow inspired stripes for something special, one of my easy craft projects for the home. Perhaps you can paint a rainbow too, but you can use…

DIY Toy Butterfly Made Out Of Paper

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butterfly crafts

  Project #6:  DIY Toy Butterfly Made Out Of Paper Personalise it by cutting it from painted paper Time: 30 minutes Difficulty: Easy.   I love a good way of using up some of my children’s paintings. (Although you can make a watercolour painting particularly for this craft of course!)  And I love butterfly crafts. So this butterfly made out of paper is…

Things to make with seashells: ‘Mademoiselle Shell’ doll

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shell craft

  Project #4: Things to make with seashells Mademoiselle Shell, a sweet shell craft for you!   Time: 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your children’s desire or need to help! Difficulty: Fiddly, but not difficult.  Uses a sharp needle.   Many years ago, I visited a market and saw an enchanting doll made using shells and beads, the perfect…

Easy craft ideas for kids: felt ball peg caterpillar

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easy craft ideas for kids

  Project #3: Easy Craft Ideas for Kids Felt Ball Peg Caterpillar Time: 20 minutes maximum Difficulty: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy   I have a stash of pure wool felt balls floating around my craft room and I wanted to use them up so I came up with this easy craft idea for kids. You just need a bit of…

Nature craft using seedpods

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nature craft

Project #2: Nature Craft using seedpods Sweet Woodland Sprite Time: 10 minutes maximum Difficulty: Easy Peasy   Last year, I was lucky enough to be involved in a seasonal swap, where the task was to make and send a small handmade parcel for one lucky (new) swap friend.  My gorgeous parcel included a tiny calico bag of seedpods, including these…

Easy Flower Craft For Kids: Fairy Dancing Queen

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flower craft

Project #1: Easy Flower Craft For Kids Fairy Dancing Queen Time: 10 minutes maximum Difficulty: Easy Peasy   And so we begin! A whole month of nature crafts. Fun! I hope you’ll come and see what I’m up to, and hopefully you’ll join in too. I would love to make a gallery of some of your creations so please take…

30 days of NATURE CRAFT: I am beyond excited!

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nature crafts

30 days of Nature Craft (Aren’t these flowers lovely?  I think they are my all time favourites. Thank you, Sandi!) I have this new thing happening with my blog. You see, as I spend so much time on the computer writing (and answering emails, and volunteering my time to help with community things) and looking after Ned and baby Jack,…